Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis is a process which removes 95-98% of all impurities in the water such as chlorine, aluminum, lead, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, chemicals, pcb's, arsenic and many more.

The Water Store carries a variety of Reverse Osmosis Systems to your fit your needs and budget.

4-stage Reverse Osmosis
- 75 gallons per day
- 4 gallon storage tank
- 1 year warranty

Every 4 stage comes with a high purity TFC membrane with 95% to 98% reduction capability. The first filter is a 5 micron poly spun, the second filter is a 5 micron carbon block and the 3rd filter is a 50 or 75 GPD TFC membrane. The 4th stage is a carbon polish. The feed line to the faucet is 3/8 inch, not 1/4 inch for better water flow.  Each unit comes with a 4 gallon pressurized bladder holding tank and generic faucet. This unit is suitable for TDS levels up to 1000 ppm.

Retail price $499.00 plus tax. Installation extra.

5-Stage Reverse Osmosis with Booster Pump
- 75 gallons per day
- 4 gallon storage tank
- 1 year warranty
- 24 volt demand pump - boosts feed water pressure to 80 psi
- The 24 volt booster pump increases feed water pressure to 80 psi, perfect for country water with TDS levels of up to 1200 ppm.

Retail price $899.00 plus installation


Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Free estimates available.

Make great tasting water and protect your family against these contaminants. 

Is your Reverse Osmosis system lagging in performace? Low flow or no water out of the faucet? You may only need a new tank.
Call or visit for details.
The Water Store's Reverse Osmosis Systems removes the following percentages of these chemical contaminants:

Barium     99%
Boron     99%
Bromide     99%
Cadium      99%
Chlorates     99%
Chlorine     99%
Chromium (Hex)     95%
Chromium (Tri)     99%
Copper     99%
Cyanide     99%
Cysts     99.9%
Fluoride     97%
Lead     98%
Mercury     98%
Nickel     99%
Nitrate     99%
PCB's     99%
Radium (226/228)     96%
Selenium     98%
Silver     98%
Sodium     98%
THM's     99%
Turbidity     98%
Zinc     98%