Coolers and Dispensers

A great way to provide clean drinking water to your staff or your family. The Water Store carries water coolers in two colours: Black and white.
  • .5 gallons (3 liters) of cold water per hour.
  • 2.03 gallons (6 liters) of hot water per hour.
  • Dual protection Leak Guard bottle receptacle means that even if the water bottle leaks, the water stays in the cooler and not on your floor.
  • 5 year solid warranty on refrigeration.
  • 304 stainless steel cold tank.
  • 1 liter hot tank with an external heating element.
  • High Quality 1.2 amp compressor chills water fast.
  • Energy Star 2.0 L Hot Tank.
  • External evaporator with melting ice bank.
  • A lifting handle balanced for singlehanded carrying.
  • Condenser with superior rust protection,
  • Industry Standard Tomlinson faucets.
  • Long life cold controls and motor starter.

Cook and Cold Coolers start at $349 and include 10 free 18 liter refills of purified reverse osmosis water.
Hot and Cold Coolers starting at $279 and include 10 free 18 litre refills of purified reverse osmosis water.

Bottleless Coolers


  • Can be fed from either filtered municipal water or reverse osmosis
  • Eliminates the need for water bottles
  • Ideal for the home or office