Media filtration is a common technique for the clarification of industrial and municipally supplied water. Media filtration is simple, moderately effective and relatively cheap. Carefully constructed layers of different media such as anthracite, sand, garnet and gravel (multimedia) provide filtration values of 12 to 20 micron at nominal flows of 3 to 10 gpm/ft2 of filter surface area


- High filtration  performance 3-5 micron removal
- High capacity filtration throughout the entire bed depth provides more than twice the capacity of multimedia filtration
- High-flow 3-4 times that of multimedia with superior filtration
- Long lasting media (>5 years) not consumed in the process
- Simple periodic backwash keeps the media clean and operating efficiently


- RO pretreatment-superior SDI reduction
- Cooling towers - unequalled Turbidity removal
- Municipal water treatment
- Precipitated metals removal
- Car Wash reclaim and recycling
- Irrigation