Water is a natural solvent, dissolving a little of everything it touches as it falls and flows on the surface of the earth. It picks up minerals found in nature, such as iron, manganese and sulphur, as well as other contaminants produced by the everyday activities of humanity.

Iron filters remove iron and sulphur from wells and cisterns. The Water Store carries a complete line of water filters to solve most water problems including:

Iron Stains
Bad taste
Sediment Rust Chlorine
Unpleasant Odor


Chemical Based
Uses potassium permanginate to clean the media bed. Must refill with this chemical every few months.

Retail $1399.00


Chemical Free
Raw water passes through a compressed pocket of air in the first tank, which precipitates the iron into solid form, and is removed when it passes through the filters birm media - no chemicals. 
No chemicals to your septic bed, or in your drinking water
Set it and forget it. No filters to change or chemicals to buy
Eliminates sulphur odour
No air pump, no venturi
Lifetime Warranty on tanks
NSF Certified tank & valve

Starting at $1799.00


Carbon Filters

Unpleasant tastes and odors caused

by chlorine or organic substances,
such as decayed vegetation and run-
off, are adsorbed by top quality
activated carbon. The filter will
automatically backwash based on
volume through the filter using a
meter initiated controlled valve. This
frees the bed of accumulated
impurities and readies it for operation
Retail $1399


Turbidity (Multimedia)

Suspended particulate matter such as

clay and silt give water a cloudy
appearance. Our turbidity filters use
multiple medias to filter particulate
matter down to 20 microns in size. The
result is clean, clear water. The multi-
media filter bed facilitates more
thorough backwashing and prevents
channeling. Periodic backwashing with
our calendar clock control valves
cleans the bed.
Retail starting at $1199