Water Softeners

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium (hardness) out of your water, which will protect your plumbing, fixtures and appliances against potential corrosion and scale build up. Laundry is softer and brighter, glassware sparkles and your skin  and hair will feel softer and silkier.
Water softeners need to be properly sized for the best efficiency.

A water softener is one of the only appliances that will automatically save you money. You'll use less soap in your laundry, dishwasher and showers. Plus you'll save on hot water heating with no more scale build up in your hot water tank.

Well Water Softeners

Our Well/Cistern designed water softeners are specifically designed to tackle the issues rural water can bring.  We offer two models to choose from.
Typical Household

Fully Automated Softener
3 year warranty, 3/4 inch Porting (1" Available)
Bypass & Quick Connect Fittings Included
True 1 cu. ft. Resin Bed

30,000 Grain Capacity

Retail price starting from $1,299.00

For Hardness of 40gpg+ and/or Large Family

Fully Automatic Softener 
3 year warranty, 3/4 Inch Porting (1" Available)
Bypass & Quick Connect Included
True 1.5 cu. ft. Resin Bed
45,000 Grain Capacity

Retail price starting from $1,599.00

City Water Softeners
Aquasoft Plus

Fully Automatic Softener and Dechlorinator
3 year warranty

Bypass Included
Technolgically superior value design
20,000 Grain Capacity

Retail price starting from $1399.00

 - Removes Chlorine  - Softens Water
 - Removes iron  - Improves taste
 - Eliminates odor  - Filters water
 - Removes T.H.M.'s  

Commercial Water Softener

Free estimates available.