Point of Use Bottleless Coolers


Our coolers are slim and elegant looking. They're quite a bit smaller than their hulking cousins, but are still able to produce far more cold water. This is because of our ice chill technology. We make a huge ring of ice in the water cooler. As filtered water from the revese osmosis pours in, it's instantly chilled.

Other water coolers can't do this. With standard cooling technology, as the warm filtered water pours in, the thermostat switches the cooling system on. And it has to work for at least 30 minutes to chill the water sufficiently.

With a home based system, where a lot of water isn't being drunk, people may not notice. But in an office, the situation is quite different. The first person to use the bottleless water cooler gets a cold drink. But if many people are using it, the water quickly becomes warm, and struggles hard to get the water cool again. Which doesn't often work, especially if a lot of people are using it.

As you may be aware, this is a major cause of complaint for many office workers - that the water cooler isn't cold enough. Don't worry about this with our ice chill technology. Because our 1 gallon cold tank is so efficient at cooling, we don't need an additional storage tank for the reverse osmosis water. Nor do we need a huge cold tank.

We just use a fairly high producing 50 GPD reverse osmosis water filter to give us a constant high flow of water into the cold tank. As it comes in, it makes ice cold water. So we functionally can supply about 45 glasses of reverse osmosis filtered water per hour that's under 50F. Which is a lot more than 90%+ bottleless water coolers twice the size can make.